Employee Management

Employee National Registrations

It identifies a person for purposes of transacting business with Kenya Revenue Authority, other Government agencies and service providers.All you require is your national ID number and one or both parents’ ID numbers. Visit KRA Online Service portal to register.
National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)-provides comprehensive medical cover in Government facilities, Mission health providers and some private health providers.


  • Original and copy of National I.D (including spouse if applicable).
  • Copy of Employer Appointment/Introduction Letter (letter acknowledging you as an employee of that company if employed).
  • Colored passport photo (including spouse & dependents if applicable)
  • Original & copies of Birth Certificate(s) for dependents

Visit the NHIF website,download the NHIF Member registration Form, fill out all the details and take these to  NHIF offices.

National Social Security Fund (NSSF)-offers social security protection to workers in the formal and informal sectors, receives contributions, manages funds of the scheme,and ultimately pays out the benefits.


Manual registration

  • Original National I.D.
  • Copy of Employer Appointment/Introduction Letter (letter acknowledging you as an employee of that company if employed).

Online Registration

  • Scanned copy of National I.D.
  • KRA PIN Number
  • Employer name and NSSF number

Manual registration – visit NSSF office nearest you with the documents on the checklist

Online registration – visit the NSSF online registration form on the NSSF website,fill out all the details and take these to NSSF offices.


A letter of Employment may be used to confirm employment; and may be used by an employee as verification of employment to a requesting third party e.g. a Bank or Landlord. Get Started
An Employment Agreement sets out the terms of Employment e.g. Salary, duties, office hours and employment benefits. Get Started
An Invention Assignment Agreement assigns ownership of any invention created by an employee to an employer as long as the invention is created within certain circumstances e.g. during the course (office hours) of employment, or using employers resources. Get Started
An Employee confidentiality and non-compete, requires an employee to keep certain information gained as a result of employment confidentiality and not to solicit colleagues to leave employment once he/she has terminated employment. Get Started
A commission agreement sets out the structure for earning a commission. Suitable for sales personnel. Get Started
This is an Agreement for temporary services from an expert but is not in permanent employment with the client. Get Started
Binds the consultant to keep any information relating to the hiring company’s business confidential. Get Started
These are permissions and limiting liability by the employee to the employer allowing the employer to carry out certain activities e.g. carry out a drugs and alcohol test. Pre-Employment OR Post-Employment 


The Director shall issue a residence or work permit in any of the classes after considering the application made. A residence or work permit issued in respect of a person who is not present in Kenya at the time of issue shall cease to be valid if the person fails to enter Kenya within ninety days from the date of issue. The Director may however, upon an application in writing, extend the validity of such residence or work permit for a period not exceeding ninety days.

Classes of Work permits

  • Class A: Prospecting and mining.
  • Class B: Agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • Class C: Prescribed profession.
  • Class D: Employment.
  • Class F: Specific manufacturing.
  • Class G: Specific trade, business or consultancy.
  • Class I: Approved religious or charitable activities.
  • Class K: Ordinary residents.
  • Class M: Refugees.



  1. Form 25-Application for issuance or renewal of permit(Class A-E). Coming soon
  2. Form 25-Application for issuance or renewal of permit(Class F-L). Coming soon
  3. Form 25-Application for issuance or renewal of permit(Class K). Coming soon
  4. Application for entry permit.
  5. Entry Permit Bank Letter.


This is a letter that is sent from a company to an employee warning the employee of unsatisfactory work performance. This letter acknowledges that the manager has previously spoken to the employee about the unsatisfactory performance and outlines ways the employee can improve performance. If the employee fails to improve their performance, the employee can be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension.Use it when you have to warn the employee about unacceptable conduct. An Employee Warning Letter helps protect an employer against future disputes. Get Started
Termination letters are often the most effective way to directly communicate to the employee of the reason for termination. Get Started
Termination Agreements are normally used to manage the risk of disputes, employers will offer an agreement under which the employee will waive their rights to pursue employment protection and other claims. Get Started
Termination certificates are used to certify that the now former employee has left employment adhering to the terms of employment and termination. Get Started
A Deed of Receipt and Waiver relinquishes the employer from any monetary amounts due to the former employee, such as pay in lieu of notice of termination or general salary arrears. Get Started
A Deed of Receipt and Waiver releases both employee and employer from previously held legal duties. Get Started
Early retirement agreements lay out provisions for taking  benefits from a pension plan before they have reached their normal retirement age. Coming Soon.
Retirement Agreements establish the rights and responsibilities of both the employee and the company. Key provisions as the date of retirement, severance benefits (including medical benefits), and the release of claims. Get Started