Intellectual Property

Intellectual property human mind.

The common types of intellectual property rights include:-

  1. Trademark-this is a sign,mark or symbol  that  distinguishes goods and services of one trader from those of another. The advantage of protecting your trademark is that it legally prevents others from taking advantage of your customer good will by trading under your name or having a mark that is similar to yours.
  2. Copyright– this is protection offered for original works of authorship once the work has been put in a tangible form in order to prevent others from copying the work. The advantages of copyright are that  no official registration  is required and  copyright comes into effect immediately.
  3. Patent-it grants the patent holder the right stop others  from making, using or selling an invention without permission.It is granted for a limited period.Its advantages are that it gives the legal right to stop others from using your invention hence it deters competitors and attracts investors.


Requirements for registration.

1.Form TM27 (i) An application for search-Request for Search  Get Started

2. Form TM2 (i)-Application for registration of a certification trade mark Get Started

3. Form TM 2(ii)-Application for registration of a defensive trade mark. Get Started

4. Form TM 2(iii)-Application for registration of a collective trade mark. Get Started

5. Form TM 2(iv)-Application for registration of other trade mark. Get Started

6.  Form TM 1 Foreign applicants should accompany their application- Appointment of an Agent or power of attorney duly completed and signed and it  must have a duty stamp affixed to it. Get Started

7.   Form TM 32- Application to enter or alter for entry of the address for service. Get Started


1. Form TM 10-Renewal of registration of Trade mark. Get Started

2. Form TM 10A-Certification of registration of trademark. Get Started

3. Form TM 14-Request to register assignment or transmission. Get Started

4. Form TM 17-Request to alter trade or business address. Get Started

5. Form TM 19 (i)-An application to correct a clerical error in the Register. Get Started

     Form TM 19 (ii)-Amendment of an application. Get Started

     Form TM 19 (iii)-Application to amend another document or drawing or other representation. Get Started

6.  Form TM 20-Application to change name or description in the register. Get Started

7.  Form TM 21-Application to surrender trademark for all goods and services. Get Started

8. Form TM 22-Application to surrender trademark for some goods and services. Get Started

9. Form TM 23-Application to enter disclaimer or memorandum in the register. Get Started

10. Form TM 24-Application to add or alter registered trade mark. Get Started

11. Form TM 26-Application for leave to intervene in proceedings for the making,expunging or varying of an entry in the register. Get Started

12. Form TM 27(ii)-Application for preliminary advice. Get Started

13. Form TM 30-Request for certificate. Get Started

14. Form TM 32-Application to enter or alter address for service. Get Started

15. Form TM 34-Application for alteration of deposited regulations relating to certification trademark. Get Started

16. Form TM 44-Notice of opposition to application to have classification adapted. Get Started

17. Form TM 53- Application for extension of time. Get Started

18. Form TM 54-Order form for copy of document. Get Started

19. Form TM 55-Application to add goods or services to a trade mark or application. Get Started

20. Form TM 6-Notice of opposition to application. Get Started


Requirements for registration.

1. Form No. CR 1- Application for registration of a Copyright Work.

Any person wishing to register their work under copyright should do so using this form. On receipt of this application in respect of any copyright work, the Executive Director may, after making such enquiries as he may deem fit, enter the information given in the Copyright Register. Get Started


2. Form No. CR12-Application for registration as a collecting society.

The Kenya Copyright Board should then, by a Gazette notice, declare a body which has applied for registration; a collecting society for all relevant copyright owners for such classes of relevant copyright owners as are specified in the notice. Get Started


  • Form No. CR10- Remittance of fines payable to the board by the court. Get Started
  • Form No. CR2-Certificate of registration of a copyright work. Get Started
  • Form No.CR13-Certificate of registration of a collecting society. Get Started
  • Form No.CR14-Application for renewal of registration of a collecting society. Get Started
  • Form No.CR15-Certificate of renewal of registration of a collecting society. Get Started
  • Form No.CR16-Annual report and audited accounts. Get Started
  • Form No.CR17-Application for compensation or payment of royalties to the authority. Get Started
  • Form No.CR18-Application or appeal to the competent authority.Get Started
  • Form No.CR19-Reply to application or appeal to the authority.Get Started
  • Form No.CR20-Application to use Folklore.Get Started
  • Form No.CR21-Request for a certified copy.Get Started
  • Form No.CR22-Request for uncertified copy.Get Started
  • Form No.CR23-Request for a copy of a lost document or destroyed certificate. Get Started
  • Form No.CR24-Request for extension of time.Get Started
  • Form No. CR 3-Application to amend name or address of the copyright holder. Get Started
  • Form No. CR 4-Application for recordal of a licence in the copyright register. Get Started
  • Form No.CR5-Application to have a change of ownership of copyright. Get Started
  • Form No.CR6-Application for verification of the assignment of copyright. Get Started
  • Form No.CR7-Letter of verification of assignment of copyright. Get Started
  • Form No.CR8-Application for authentication of a copyright work. Get Started
  • Form No.CR9-Certificate of approval to purchase an authentication device. Get Started